Annual Report Submission

The Dimond AI XPrize team has submitted their Annual Report on September 3rd.
We will publish more info later. Currently we have almost completed our milestone 0 work which consists of developing an end-to-end model of the engineering augmentation tool at a most basic level. We are using Blender design and rendering software to create a simple version for the level 0 framework. An example input is a request for a blender primitive such as a monkey or sphere and the output is python script that produces that image. We are planning to use the CNTK as are neural network tool.

Sam Harris Can Avoid a Digital Apocalypse

We have been collecting info relating to our AIXprize project.  Here is a 2015 post by Sam Harris concerning the danger of Artificial General Intelligence.  He also revisited his written statement in a podcast.  The important parts of the podcast start at 6:30.  Our project does not seek to build an AGI, but an AI-empowered engineering augmentation tool.  We are including an ethics module into our system.  But whose ethics should we include?


Sam Harris Waking Up again…

This podcast has some discussion between Sam Harris and Y.N. Harari about the nature of reality.  For our AI project there is some talk about automation taking jobs and how work gives most humans meaning to their lives at about 50 minutes in.  Universal Basic Income is mentioned.  It is a worthwhile listen.


Elon Musk and Universal Basic Income and AI

from Futurism

Elon Musk describes the implementation of UBI in response to massive unemployment generated by AI.

Our AI XPrize project was originally conceived to deal with the situation that Elon describes. We must implement global UBI that will provide 20 GigaJoules per human without environmental degradation.  We have a path to  the solution but it will take a huge investment by government level entities to make it happen.  Perhaps on the order of a trillion $$.  But it is an investment that is worthwhile and will change humanity forever for the better.